A (practical) beginner’s guide to iOS development

Developing for iOS can be a rewarding -and sometimes lucrative- experience. After all, it is the world’s second most widely installed mobile operating system after Android, with an estimated 1.6 billion active devices (Apple, 2021). So, what do you need to get started? A Mac computer Although it is possible to use an iPad if […]

Using Coordinators with Scenes and Scene Navigators in iOS

Introduction One of the most interesting concepts in iOS programming is, in my opinion, the Coordinator – an entity that is responsible for managing an app’s flow. Its typical responsibilities include configuring, presenting and dismissing View Controllers as well as configuring other Coordinators, often called children. If you are not familiar with Coordinators, please have […]

Music events rendering in iOS with Csound API

Note: The article assumes a working knowledge of the Csound music programming language API and Apple’s Core Audio framework. If you are not yet familiar with those, I would strongly suggest to first have a look at csounds.com as well as Core Audio documentation. Intro So, let’s suppose that we are developing an iOS music app that […]

Composing with fractals: an introduction

Introduction One of the consequences of the Second World War -at least in the European music scene- was the decline of faith in the human factor. The creative mind of the composer, whose inspiration and personal taste feature within the music, became heavily disputed. The aesthetic choices that previous composers made during the process of […]

Video: Music For Shizhu Ensemble (2012)

This is a video recording of Music For Shizhu Ensemble, a piece that I wrote in spring 2012 for the Chai Found Music Workshop Composition Competition (sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it?) and which, despite making it to the final phase (thus the performance), did not manage to get any prize. Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience […]